The worst kind of sin

We all know it's wrong, even as we're doing it.  The silent looks, knowing nods of agreement, quiet snickers and eye-rolls. The exclusion of someone who isn't necessarily like us, isn't up to snuff in our estimation, or just does or says things that annoy us... when we silently devalue another and lead others in... Continue Reading →

Ever hear a song lyric that just strikes you?  Check this one out: There's a day that's drawing near, When this darkness breaks to light; And the shadows disappear, And my faith shall be my eyes. "My faith shall be my eyes..." what a powerful lyric - oh, that I would see with eyes of... Continue Reading →

A Wilting Flower

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of shadowing an amazing teacher I know.  I was able to sit in her class and watch her in action.  First, let me just say that, not only is she an incredible teacher, she is far more profound than she realizes.  She taught a science lesson... Continue Reading →

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