The Author

I am a daughter of the MOST HIGH GOD, I am forgiven, I am free to dance (though you may want to move your toes!), and I am forever loved and adored by the One I worship, the Lover of my soul.

I am mommy to three angels – the lights of my life.

I write about what moves me, about daily life, about what is going on in my heart of hearts.  I am very open – have been told I am too open – but it is who I am.  I have been told that whatever I hear whispered in the quiet places, I am to shout it from the roof-tops (Matthew 10:27).   And since shouting from an actual roof-top might raise some questions about my level of sanity,  the written word will have to do.

I want this place to be a joy to those who read – a bright spot that points toward the most Beautiful – our precious Daddy God, Who loves us so much that He sent His own Son to die for our sins and promised that, through Jesus, we could be with Him forever.

This journey I am on is one toward the beauty of all God is, and all He created us to be.  He intends beauty for our lives – not only in eternity, but in this life as well – beauty in our surroundings, in our bodies, in our relationships, and in our out-looks. He is the author of beauty, and He already sees that beauty in us.

I hope you will find something that makes you want to join me in my little corner of the world!  May God bless you on your own journey to Beautiful – I hope we can walk together.

~ M ♥


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