On Self-pity

A poem I came across this morning. One day when walking down the street, On business bent, while thinking hard About the “hundred cares” which seemed Like thunder clouds about to break In torrents, Self-pity said to me: “You poor, poor thing, you have too much To do. Your life is far too hard. This... Continue Reading →

If We’re Honest

The faithful among us… the strong, the stout-hearted – how I admire and envy their stolidity, their strength, their unwavering belief in the face of the worst situations, the most devastating diagnoses, the most painful abandonments. You know somebody like this, I’m sure – someone who, no matter what happens, their immediate response is, “Yes,... Continue Reading →

Find Me

It's been two years since I wrote this. And oh, how I needed to see it this morning. My heart, my spirit... they are still walking with a limp. But they are walking, slowly, timidly, back to where they belong. Oh Lord, take the eyes of our hearts and our understanding - our knowing -... Continue Reading →

He Never Stopped Loving Me

By now it’s no secret that I’m a fan of Jami Amerine.  I imagine friends probably get tired of hearing about what she’s said (sorry Jami!), because I often quote her and share her hilarious antics in casual conversation.  Maybe that makes me a fangirl? I don’t know. What I do know is this –... Continue Reading →


... in a season where my deepest, most core beliefs have been knocked out from underneath me, block by block, piece by blessed piece. This is when knowing who we are in Christ is so vitally important. If I did not know that I am a daughter of the most high God, I would be... Continue Reading →

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