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Be Careful – You Might Get Dirty

A post I shared recently on Facebook really offended some people, more because of the title than anything else. The title of the post, written by somebody else, was, "I Don't Want to Be a Christian Anymore." I have gotten some private questions, and let me clarify – I am not leaving the faith, and… Continue reading Be Careful – You Might Get Dirty

Worship and Christian Living

Worship: This is Not a Stage – It’s a Battleground

There is much debate these days as to what style of worship is "best," about staying away from entertainment and trying to be more authentic, about steering away from trying to please the masses, and more toward simply trying to please the heart of God. While all of this is good and necessary debate, there… Continue reading Worship: This is Not a Stage – It’s a Battleground

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Hubby and I were talking over supper tonight.... just about Who and What God is, and how we can't even fathom all of Him.... about His power, His complete intolerance of sin, His holy wrath poured out on his own people because of it, and His willingness to take all of that wrath and pour… Continue reading Awakening