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When Your Heart is Weary, But You Still Have to Forgive

I could see the tears welling up in her eyes as I scolded her: “How many times have I told you not to do that?? We go through this every day! Over and over, I ask you not to do this, yet the behavior continues, and you get in trouble, every time! When are you… Continue reading When Your Heart is Weary, But You Still Have to Forgive

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Make Us ONE

Message to the body of Christ as a whole: please, be oh-so-careful about judging the hearts of others before you know their story. So much wounding takes place when we assume we know the thoughts and intentions of others and then knee-jerk react accordingly. There is so much division within the body because of our… Continue reading Make Us ONE

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Be Careful – You Might Get Dirty

A post I shared recently on Facebook really offended some people, more because of the title than anything else. The title of the post, written by somebody else, was, "I Don't Want to Be a Christian Anymore." I have gotten some private questions, and let me clarify – I am not leaving the faith, and… Continue reading Be Careful – You Might Get Dirty